Enjoy Our Fall Friendly Oral Healthcare Tips!

Cooler Weather Can Signal Teeth Issues  

Many people find that when cold weather arrives, their teeth become more sensitive.   This could be nature’s way of telling you there’s damage to the teeth or gums.  Cold sensitivity may be the result of several factors, including cracked teeth, gum shrinkage, thin enamel, or grinding.  Those who experience sensitive teeth for more than three days should speak with our office to have this problem evaluated.

Take Time to Research Your Dental Care Options for 2018 

Fall is the season when many will decide how they will manage their dental care in the upcoming year.  Options can include:

  • Paying as needed throughout the year
  • Choosing Dental Insurance through your work or Individual Insurance Plans
  • Becoming a member of a Dental Savings Plan


It’s important to take the time to consider which option best fits your needs!  Our office offers a Membership Based Dental Savings Plan called Smile Advantage.  If you have any questions about Smile Advantage, please call our office or check out the New Patient Page at drtimgillespie.com

Manage Your Child’s (And Your Own! 🙂) Candy Eating

 It’s candy season!  To help avoid tooth damage, reduce candy eating to meal times.  That way the saliva you produce while eating will help to rinse the mouth of cavity causing bacteria!






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